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ZEM stands for the Zone of Endless Motion and defines a space where we can discover new possibilities for ourselves. ZEM appeals to any age, any stage, on land, in water, whether one is supremely active or serenely still.
A trendsetter in the minimal footwear industry, ZEMgear creates Performance Protection for Bare Feet ™. We deliver minimal footwear with maximum protection for men, women and children. ZEMs allow your feet to do what they were designed to do best in their natural, barefoot state. While wearing ZEMs you can spread, flex and articulate all parts of your foot, getting everything you need and nothing you don’t.

ZEMgear’s vision for its minimal-all-the-way products and business philosophy: begin by “not using” whenever possible, then commit to responsible use and conservation of resources. This minimalist approach guided product innovation, resulting in low-impact design and packaging, manufacturing, distribution, shipping and display practices.

ZEMgear has a passion for avoiding wastefulness, believing that avoiding waste in the design and concept levels is the most effective way to moderate their carbon footprint. ZEMgear’s operation and production methods reflect their "Minimal all Way" philosophy. Enjoy the barely there ZEMsation!

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