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  1. Fit questions:
    • I have wide feet, will ZEMs work for me?
      • ZEMs were designed to conform to the shape of your feet. The upper materials warmed by body heat expand and mold around the foot for a unique fit. For wider feet, we recommend you go up a size.
    • I want to order from the Original styles, what size should I buy?
    • I want to order from ZEMgear’s new styles (360s, 02s and H20s) but I am not sure about my size.
      • These new styles were made to be true to size. Usually you should order whatever size you would wear in traditional shoes. If you are between sizes, order up.
      • For international conversions and measurements, please download the conversion chart.

  2. I am not sure what style to buy, help me decide:
    • Here is a simple guide:
      • Activities in rugged terrain, outdoors and indoors:  Terra
      • Running/Vigorous activities/outdoor/indoor: 360 (outdoor) or 02 (indoors) and Terras
      • Indoor workouts including such activities as yoga, pilates, Zumba, etc.: Ninja or Playa Originals, O2s and Terras
      • Indoor workouts including treadmill running, weightlifting, elliptical, etc.: 360 or 02 and Terras
      • Outdoor beach/water activities: H20s, ninja low/high, playa low/high and O2s
      • Travel, leisure, general use: Wellness, Travelers and 360s
      • Great for Kids feet in all environments:  Terra Kids

  3. What is the difference between the ninja and round toe styles?
    • The separation of the big toe from the 4 balancing digits delivers complete flexibility & grip-ability for your foot. The first choice of barefoot enthusiasts, runners and athletes it’s preferred for all activities requiring lateral movements, forward propulsion and traction.
    • The Playa style offers all around foot freedom in a round, five toe compartment. A stretchable and breathable material allows all toes to move and articulate without restraint. Ideal for barefoot activities at moderate levels they’re recommended for wider feet and customers with foot sensitivities.

  4. I would like to return my order, what is your return policy:
    • You may return your unused order within 30 days of purchase in its original packaging.
    • To initiate a return, you must log into your account through the online store.

  5. I would like to exchange my order.
    • Unfortunately at this time, we do not accept exchanges. The best thing to do is initiate a return and place a new order. 

  6. Is there a warranty on the footwear?
    • Yes, within 30 days of purchase, you may alert us to a warranty issue. However, regular wear and tear does not qualify as a warranty issue.

  7. How do I care for my ZEMs?
    • You may wash your ZEMs in a regular cycle using detergent and then air-dry them.

  8. I would like to place an order but can’t find my size?
    • We work really hard to maintain an inventory that includes all styles/color/size combinations. However, at times due to high demand, we do run out of a specific product. We usually get inventory once a month to replenish our supply. If you need further information about the product you are looking for, please contact us at

  9. Where can I find a local retailer?
    • Please use our store locator.
    • Still can’t find a local retailer? Order online. We ship anywhere in the USA and abroad.

  10. I don’t live in the USA, how can I place my order?
    • We do ship internationally. If you can’t find your country upon checking out, contact us and we will set up an alternative method for you –

  11. What other websites can I find that sell ZEMgear products?

  12. Do you have international dealers?
    • Canada:
    • UK:
    • Can’t find your country:Every day we are expanding our retailer networks, contact us at to find out if we are in your country!

  13. I have a blog/website and would love to review your footwear, can I get a pair?
    • We do occasionally give away free ZEMs for review. However, your blog/website must meet specific criteria and you must be able to provide us with a written agreement. For more information contact us at

  14. Will you sponsor me/an event?
    • We do occasionally sponsor individuals, groups or events. Certain criteria must be met and a signed agreement must be submitted. For more information, contact us at