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Sinjin Smith & Randy Stoklos Beach Volleyball Camps 
Learn How To Play Beach Volleyball From The Best Players In The World! Join the greatest team in beach volleyball history, Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos, for an entire day of beach volleyball, surf, sand and fun! Fill out the online request for information to join our mailing list for the 2008 Sinjin Smith & Randy Stoklos Camp.  Join Now!

Elite Performance Management
Tom Vachet, BSN, CRRN, CCM, CPT
Medical Advocate & Sports Conditioning Expert
Elite Performance Management provides short and long term advice and assistance to athletes who may be injured, or who are interested in improving their performance.  Our reputation is based upon a record of providing successful outcomes to over 100 Elite and Professional Athletes.  There are many "trainers" who offer strength and conditioning programs, along with some added nutrition advice, etc.  In comparison, we design and deliver "professional" programs for athletic conditioning, based upon the principles of achieving a foundation of biomechanical wellness, while developing functional strength in an unstable environment.  The work, done in a large volume, with high-intensity, and using low-weight, is purposeful, and provides measurable increases in strength and endurance, even for an already high-functioning athlete.  However, if it is required, we will also advise you, advocate for you, and develop the appropriate goals and objectives required for your recovery from potentially life-altering injuries.  In fact, we have the experience necessary to recruit, organize, coordinate and manage an entire team of independent experts, representing the best in medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, and sports performance psychology.  In our ability to provide this service, we stand alone, with no peer in the professional sports realm.  We function as exclusive advocates for our clients; helping you to make informed decisions that will improve your performance, reduce your risk of devastating injuries, and preserve your long-term health and post-career quality of life.

CLUB BEACH DIG is the Nation's Biggest and Best Junior's Beach Volleyball Club!! From May until the end of July, boys and girls all over the U.S. can spend their summer training and competing with the Top Beach Volleyball Players and Coaches in the country!  2010 promises to be our biggest and best year yet on the beach.  Misty May-Treanor will be returning to the Pro Tour and the NCAA has now approved Sand Volleyball as a new college sport for women.  The future of Beach Volleyball has never been brighter!  You can find divisions of Club Beach Dig all over the country this summer, so be sure to email us today to get more information on the Beach Volleyball Programs in your area.  Click here for more information on Club Beach Dig  Join Club Beach Dig and YOU could become one of the first ever College Beach Volleyball Stars! 

Exhale is a new breed of spa - merging the paths of mind and body wellbeing and fulfilling the need for an experience that improves and transforms lives in one environment. The core of exhale is a unique and talented team of individuals with a genuine passion for helping people bridge the mind and body to improve overall wellbeing. With plans to grow their wellbeing paradigm to 20 spas over the next few years, exhale currently operates spa and studios in carefully selected upscale locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Turks + Caicos, and has several additional spas in development.