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zem collection
Ultimate everyday foot agility and lateral balance. The separation of the big toe from the 4 balancing digits delivers complete flexibility & grip-ability for your foot. The first choice of barefoot enthusiasts, runners and athletes it’s preferred for all activities requiring lateral movements, forward propulsion and traction. Upper materials warmed by body heat expand expand and mold around the foot for a unique fit.

Split toe + high secure fit collar = ultimate foot agility, lateral balance and snug fit. The separation of the big toe from the 4 balancing digits delivers complete flexibility & grip-ability for your foot. Preferred by active sand & water sport athletes, SUP and kiteboarders they keep sand out, avoid blisters or rubs from hot sand, dive fins & add traction for secure footing.

This pattern offers all around foot freedom in a round, five toe compartment. A stretchable and breathable material allows all toes to move & articulate without restraint. Ideal for barefoot activities at moderate levels, they’re recommended for wider feet and customers with foot sensitivities.

Secure fit and all around foot freedom in a five toe compartment. A stretchable toe box allows all toes to move and articulate without restraint. Favored by sand & water sport athletes. Keeps sand out, avoids blisters or rubs from hot sand, dive fins and adds traction for secure footing.

Natural foot flexibility combined with a securely gripping soft sole make the Wellness ideal for indoor activities. The separation of the big toe from the 4 balancing digits delivers complete foot freedom & grip-ability during yoga, pilates, powerplate or other studio training. Specifically designed for indoor wellness activities it addresses comfort, fashion and sanitary concerns.

Perfect for the smart traveler: A roomy toe box combined with 6 unique tech bands create foot comfort and travel convenience. Also there’s no need to take them off when going through airport security. Save space in your luggage and use ZEMs for a light hotel gym workout. Included for extra comfort are gel patch support insoles to soothe your feet. Remove on the plane when feet expand and avoid fit & sanitary concerns.

The H2O Lo merges ZEMgear’s advanced Barefoot Technology with a protective toe cap and heel counter for boating, sailing, river walking, kayaking and much more. Non-skid & non-marking rubber outsole pods comply with boaters’ needs while keeping the natural barefoot sensation intact. ZEMs 6 unique tech bands afford secure footing and lateral stability within the flexible & drainable 4-way stretch upper.

The H2O Hi caters to active boating & sailing customers. With a high, secure top collar the H2O Hi delivers a save & snug fit above the ankle. 

Robust abrasion resistance and non-marking, “green-grip” recycled rubber outsole for energetic runs, sand & water sports or gym workouts. A natural barefoot feel and grip-ability with split toe pattern combined with a flexible, form fitting 4-way stretch upper concept holds multiple widths and foot shapes. Six unique tech bands deliver secure footing and lateral stability. 

The 360 is the feather light star of ZEMs barefoot collection. The design weighs in at 2.5 oz and is equipped with a pliable but abrasion robust phylon outsole ideal for runners. Integrated geckogrip rubber pods add traction and secure footing. An updated tech band design contributes increased lateral hold and stability. The split toe pattern and the high moldability of all materials used on the 360 create these amazing SoulSkins.  

The Terra is ZEMgear's most recent expansion of the Training series. The ergonomically molded, separated protective toe guards promote barefoot agility and shield all toes from the perils of a more rugged environment. A distinctive barefoot last accomodates the sensitivites and fit of natural feet. The tech-counter of the Terra cradles the heel and guards against the impact of equipment and terrain of many training settings. ZEM award-winning, patented and reflective tech-bands are welded into the upper material to provide strong lateral stability and enhance nighttime safety. Enjoy the barefoot feel of the Green Grip outsole and count on its traction where it's needed. Barefoot Performance with the Protection you deserve! Avg. weight: (Mens 5.55oz) (Womens 4.86oz)