We talk so much about setting resolutions or intentions and making changes every single year. By now we're nearing the end of January, they holiday hype is done and gone (thankfully) and the real work is starting to gain its steam again. But it is also the time that we realize lofty goals can't take shape and we delve into a pool of sadness, going back to our old ways. Or, we're going into 4th gear without thinking about how life is a marathon, not a sprint and we want to get to the finish line upright and smiling! So how do we do it? How do we get it all done without burning out in a month, or two or end up December 31, 2016 making the same resolutions?

1. Take care of yourself first.

• Just as they warn us on planes to put our masks on first! You won't be able to help others if you aren't looking out for you.

2. Know your priorities.

• It's easy to get caught up and want to do everything all at once and want results ASAP. But that won't leave you the calm balanced person you desire to be. One step at a time!

3. Create a system of efficiency that works for you Choosing a day to set up the week ahead helps a lot of people breakdown the week ahead so that they're less likely to miss something that will then create some havoc. Getting organized is a biggie!

4. Expect the unexpected Learn to roll with the punches when things don't go exactly as planned. A great technique is to look ahead and think of what might upset the balance so that you can be prepared.

5. Give yourself a break! Don't beat yourself up over things you cannot control. If you know you're doing your best, then don't bully yourself over any situation that will eventually likely get better anyway! :)