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Let us help you find the right size

shoe size converter

Finding the right size can be difficult. Let us help you focus on buying the right shoe - without worrying about finding the right size.

We know shoe size conversion can be complicated and that’s why we’ve put together this easy to use shoe size conversion table. Our sizes fit very true-to-size: if you are usually ordering a Size US 8 - go with that. For in-between sizes we usually suggest to order UP. It's never good when your shoe fits too tight. Order DOWN on the OXYGEN 2 when in between sizes.

But from where ever you order, from Germany to China, Panama to Australia, or any locale in-between ZEM's Shoe size chart allows you to translate your shoe size in just moments.

Disclaimer : The shoe size chart is intended to guide you closer to the size that fits you. It is not a substitute for a professional fitting. ZEMgear cannot not guarantee the accuracy or suitability of the information and shall not be liable as sizing may vary by shoe style and the condition of each individual foot. The info on this page is for general informational and use only. Should you have any doubts, we recommend trying on the shoes before purchasing in order to ensure the products meet your specific requirements.