Split Toe & Round Toe

One of the Distinguishing Features of our footwear is the SPLIT TOE CONCEPT.

Separating the BIG TOE – your forward propulsion digit – from your other, balancing digits, created the true barefoot feel and agility that a natural foot has. This allows the foot to splay and offer better balance during many activities.

This is particularly important for athletes, but truly for anyone who benefits from better balance and secure footing (from athletes to babies learning to walk as well as active seniors).

A split toe pattern naturally re-aligns often deformed Phalanges in the foot – creating a supinatory effect (countering pronation). This helps to naturally lift the arch without any other measures. A naturally aligned foot offers a wider surface area and much higher agility – resulting in better balance, higher awareness of the surface it’s standing on and living up to its original job and potential of safely and comfortably supporting the human being all day long.

Round Toe Knowing that everyone likes a split toe concept we always offer round to models. They offer a roomy toe box allowing toes to splay as wide and naturally as possible. Using your feet and toes without restrictions in the forefoot area will aid balance and overall comfort.