ZEMgear’s unique and award winning TECH BAND TECHNOLOGY creates a very special lateral (sideways) stability. The fusion of tech bands and upper material is the key element of ZEM’s performance and design.

Our tech bands create a structure and lots of stability without adding bulk and weight to each pair. This allows each user to wear feather light footwear without giving up the protection and performance features of a more structured shoe. Each tech-band design follows these principles and fulfills special performance criteria needed for different environments and activities.

Tech Bands


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techUlogy. Technology designed for YOU. All of our product designs and innovations derive directly from the input we received from people of all walks of life we work and consult with. Every ZEMgear collection reflects that.

Split Toe & Round Toe

Feather Light Footwear

Natural footwear with Maximum Benefits is our mantra. ZEMs are extremely lightweight and range from under 2oz to around 6.5 oz in the current collection. Keeping the weight off is part of allowing feet to be as natural as possible. Weight is measured in W/7 and M/8 respectively.

Split Toe & Round Toe

One of the Distinguishing Features of our footwear is the SPLIT TOE CONCEPT. Separating the BIG TOE – your forward propulsion digit – from your other, balancing digits, created the true barefoot feel and agility that a natural foot has. This allows the foot to splay and offer better balance during many activities. more...

Green Grip Recycled Rubber

Our GreenGrip rubber outsoles are formulated to have high traction and abrasion for best performance. They are manufactured from partially recycled components and reduce the demand on virgin raw materials as much as possible following ZEMgear’s Responsible all the Way policy.


The stabilUtech outsole and heel concept augments the heel’s built-in balance. Rather than following a beveled heel shape the NU-Natural outsole stabilizes the heel on a broadened stability Podium.

Official Sand Sport Competition Footwear

ZEMgear is the official competition footwear brand for SAND SPORTS. We are working with a long list of Universities, clubs and tournament organizers to keep sand sport athletes feet protected without sacrificing their natural agility. ZEMgear offers team-deals to school and clubs.


All ZEM footbeds are protected by aegis MICROBE SHIELD and its revolutionary bonded antimicrobial technology. It provides protection against odor, staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms.Aegis has EPA and global registrations.

Ortholite Insole Foam

Ortholite Performance Cushioning is a durable open-cell foam that responds to your every step. It maintains its performance features, shape and fit throughout the life of the shoe. Ortholite Cushioning Foam creates shock absorption and impact mitigation without bulk and weight. Freedom for your feet.

YES! We are Vegan

All ZEMgear products are VEGAN. No animals have come to harm in the development or manufacturing of our products. With a growing population observing vegan principles and diets this feature is our small contribution to making more vegan products available.

Puncture Resistant Insole

The puncture resistant insole we are using in our TerraTECH is made from industrial strength, tightly woven material manufactured for safety footwear of all kinds. It mitigates the risk of puncture injuries in rough terrain and adds additional cushioning to the shoe.

Wet Traction

Several of our outsoles are specifically designed for use in marine environments. Water dispersion channels and anti-slip rubber pods aid the safety and comfort needed for water sports, boating and marinas.

Air & Water Ventilation

Ventilation slots and air mesh fabrics allow breathability in the forefoot area during active motion and water drainage when in wet environments. Circulation of air and or water ensure this feature enhance active work out experience during every activity.