What our Fans Say

Brenda Ritenour Taylor

Ultimate Arm wrestling

I had purchased a pair of Zems...360's...and was absolutely astonished with how many people noticed my shoes. I love my 360's!!! I joke and say they keep me grounded...humble...but they do keep my feet flat, balanced in my lifts and at the armwrestling table. I have ran several miles in my 360's, 2Cinch, and Ujanes. I've also lifted weights and rowed in all three styles. I'm excited that ZEMgear is "coming" to the StrongWoman Competitions with me, too. Let's take the step into the Zone of Endless Motion together. Have courage and MOVE YOUR BODY! 

Sarah Saffie Bouchard


‘Terra XT’ are ‘as light as a feather’ with enough sole to keep a smooth gliding ride.

Bren Tompkins

Long distance Trail Runner & multiple award winner

Working on your form is very important and with ZEM I’m able to do that easily because I can feel everything.